The band was founded in 2007 and had its first concerts in spring 2008. Since then the band continiously worked on a common band sound and developed the repertoire which consists of compositions by Cédric Gschwind. The result is described best with contemporary jazz. The spectrum goes from balladesque to groovy, from straight 4/4 swing to complicated time signatures. All put together with a lot of improvisation by strong personalities.
In this music, there is something for everyone to listen and discover - for jazz lovers, the novice as well as all other attentive listeners. 2010 Klangquadrat has recorded their debut album "roaming", which was nominated for the "Price of the German record criticism 2011". In 2013 the album "What's The Catch?" followed.

Cédric Gschwind – saxophone

Cédric Gschwind


Jonas Windscheid – guitar

Jonas Windscheid

Marco Nenniger – bass

Marco Nenniger

Daniel Mudrack – drums

Daniel Mudrack